Retail Food
  • 1437 South Jackson, Seattle, Washington 98144
  • March 23, 2020 6pm - 9pm
  • Free

Retail and Food Incubator Info Session

The goal of this meeting is to gather input and feedback from a variety of stakeholders regarding shared commercial space models for food and retail micro-entrepreneurs. The purpose of shared retail and commercial space is to reduce barriers and costs associated for small retailers and food entrepreneurs associated with having a physical location.

Africatown Community Land Trust and Black Dot worked with the University of Washington Foster School of Business to identify some possible models but now we want to engage with potential tenants and landlords, contractors, financial institutions and technical assistance providers to further develop the model for implementation in commercial space that is coming available in the neighborhood.

The recommendations may also inform ACLT determine what kind of businesses are most likely to succeed and how to best design the commercial space so that businesses will thrive in today’s digital-first retail market.

Event Location