“New Models for Creating Thriving Black Communities and Inclusive Cities” is a 4 part virtual conversation led by ACLT and featuring community leaders doing impactful work across the country to discuss how we can advance equitable development locally in Seattle and nationwide. These conversations will cover the historic policies that have negatively impacted Black neighborhoods and the work of community organizations like ACLT to implement reparative solutions focused on land ownership, affordable housing, Black entrepreneurship, and arts and culture. 

Funds from this campaign series will go towards key real estate projects to combat displacement; small business development programming at the William Grose Center; and the integration of public art to foster greater community wellbeing in the Central District. 

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Session 1 

The Struggle for Land 

A conversation between K. Wyking Garrett and Shirley Sherrod (co-founder of what is recognized as the nation’s first community land trust) about the 50+ year history of the land trust movement and its origins in the Black freedom struggle; land ownership as a tool for Black liberation; and what is necessary to maximize the impact of land trusts to prevent the displacement and gentrification of Black communities. 

Session 2

Preserving Cultural Heritage Through Affordable Housing

A conversation between K. Wyking Garrett and Christa Stoneham about how affordable housing development can be made more equitable; how it can be used to preserve the identity of historically Black communities; and how it can not only stabilize families but also promote wealth building in Black communities. 


Session 3

Building New Black Wall Streets

A conversation between K. Wyking Garrett and Marimba Milliones about how we can create new black economic and cultural meccas like Tulsa, Oklahoma; the importance of supporting Black entrepreneurship as a pillar for social change; and how we can overcome the challenges to economic development in Black communities.


Session 4

Healing and Building Community Through Art and Creative Placemaking

A conversation between K. Wyking Garrett and Mama Shu about the importance of integrating arts and culture in community development work; how art can be used as a development tool for healing in Black communities; and what resources and cross-sector partnerships are necessary for creative placemaking to strengthen Black communities.

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