Join us for State of Africatown 2024 at Langston on Saturday, March 2, 2024.

State of Africatown isn’t just another gathering; it’s a testament to over a decade of resilience, growth, and empowerment within Seattle’s Black community.

In 2013, what started as a listening session for newly elected Mayor Ed Murray, has blossomed into an essential annual gathering, a beacon for community strength and unity. This year, as we embark on yet another year of progressing toward realizing the vision of Black Seattle,  we’re not just looking back at what we’ve achieved; we’re looking forward to what we can still accomplish.

The event promises to be a melting pot of ideas and inspiration. We’ll hear from a broad spectrum of voices but this dialogue isn’t just about hearing; it’s about actionable steps towards a more inclusive and vibrant Seattle that considers what it can look like to create equitable opportunities for development in all areas of our community. 

Africatown Community Land Trust, along with our partners, has been a guiding force for more than a decade.  Battling challenges like gentrification and displacement, our efforts have not just been about holding ground but about making ground and space for Community. With Community, we continue to provide stability and security through affordable housing and commercial spaces, ensuring that the heart of the Central District beats strong.


As we prepare to come together, the State of Africatown 2024 is more than an event. It’s a reflection of where we’ve been, a celebration of where we are, and a blueprint for where we’re going.

This gathering is also an opportunity for each of us to play a part in shaping the future of our community. If you feel moved by our journey and wish to contribute to the ongoing development and empowerment of Seattle’s Black community, we warmly invite you to consider supporting our work. Your donation, no matter the size, is a powerful statement of belief in our collective vision and an investment in the enduring legacy of the Central District.

Together, we can continue to make significant strides towards a future where everyone, especially our Black communities, has the opportunity to thrive.


Donate to help build a more equitable future for Seattle’s Black communities. 

Join us as we celebrate and build our legacy, together. RSVP TODAY!

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